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Our Priorities: ACHIEVEMENT

The last of our “Priorities” articles, but very important, is Achievement.  Research shows an effective school board impacts student achievement in positive ways. Here is a small sampling of the proof.

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Our Priorities: VISION

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing with you information pieces about aspects of a school district’s operations. We hope you have found them interesting.

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How we improve special needs education

Every student deserves the education they need to succeed in the world. Children with exceptional learning abilities enjoy expanded opportunities that the board has added in recent years. So too, have children with special education needs enjoyed changes the district has implemented.

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How are school budgets constructed?

Grau, Cortellino, and Modrak are delivering the quality education that students deserve, while remaining fiscally responsible to the township. There are multiple layers of oversight throughout the budget development process.  The board regularly reviews progress and provides feedback to the administration…

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Who should serve on a Board of education?

Some people say that the board should be made up only of parents with children in the school system. But residents who have no children in our schools pay taxes too and those tax dollars support the schools. Our schools also support the town and the property values for all residents. All stakeholders deserve a voice because they have an interest in insuring our schools remain excellent too.

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