Meet David Modrak

As a parent, I understand the concerns of other parents.  We all love our children.  We want to protect them and keep them safe.  We want them to be happy and to give them every opportunity to have successful lives.  I am committed to giving the children in the Montville school system those opportunities for growth and achievement. 

During my tenure on the board, we expanded the gifted and talented program and instituted new science and humanities research programs.  We brought back more students receiving special education services from out-of-district placement, giving them an education closer to home and saving the district a significant amount of money.  Our music and forensics programs are nationally recognized.  Each of our 7 schools is nationally recognized for promoting personal growth in our kids.  These achievements would not be possible if it were not for the steady and dedicated stewardship of this district by the current board.

My top priority as a board member is to keep politics out of the decision-making process for our schools.  Politics should never enter into the discussions of how the district is managed or what our kids are taught.

When we welcome our new superintendent into the district in January, I and the other members of the board will work with him/her to identify new opportunities for student growth, as we did with Drs. Paul Fried and Rene Rovtar.  We will support those efforts, so that our kids will continue to have the greatest opportunities to have meaningful, successful, and fulfilling lives.