Hear what our neighbors have to say about Grau, Cortellino, and Modrak

Terry Cavanaugh - town treasure, former teacher, CCD instructor, member St pius choir, volunteer

“I have been a resident of Montville Township for 53 years, 18 years spent as a Special Education teacher at Montville Township High School, and previous to that as a substitute teacher throughout the district.  I have attended many Board of Education meetings, and have dealt with various issues brought to the BOE.  While I have seen many changes in the Board personnel, I have noted, as people who have heard me speak about it, that this is the best Board we have had in many years.  I note especially Dr. Cortellino, Mr. Grau, and Dr. Modrak.  This board has dealt with many issues intelligently, and always for the benefit of Montville’s children.  These people have devoted themselves to “our kids” for many years.  I understand that Dr. Cortellino, Mr. Grau, and Dr. Modrak are being challenged for positions on the board.  This would be a big mistake!!  I know personally the involvement of Cortellino, Grau and Modrak in bringing and maintaining the best situations for the benefit of all students of the Township.

For the first time in these 53 years, I am ashamed and embarrassed by the behavior of some of the attendees, presumably parents, who have caused much controversy at board meetings.  These are not the type of people we would want making decisions for our children and teachers. 

I will whole-heartedly support Cortellino, Grau and Modrak for re-election to the Board of Education.” 

Lou Nosti, Former Board of Education Member

“As a former board of education member and husband of a dedicated Montville elementary school teacher, I’ve experienced first-hand, the unending commitment required to oversee, enhanceand deliver high-quality education which our school system has always achieved. Dr. Cortellino, Mr. Grau and Dr. Modrak have been instrumental in bringing this same level of dedication to Montville for over 15 years.

 Given the current medical and educational challenges of Covid and other factors, why risk oversight to inexperienced and agenda-driven candidates when sound-thinking, medical knowledge, and objectivity are key in maintaining educational excellence. Experience is essential!

 Dr. Cortellino also serves as Vice President of the NJ School Boards Association while Mr. Grau is an experienced, former school business administrator and Dr. Modrak is a PhD in biochemistry.  Who better to guide our district in all aspects of education.”

Carmela Novi - Former Board of Education member, Attorney, Current Montville Schools mom

“Thank you so much for running again! Cannot wait to cast my vote for Karen, Charlie and David. 

Karen, Charlie and Dave have dedicated themselves for years to ensuring the district, which is heavily regulated by the State, provides a superior public education to our children with the resources we have while substantially improving the physical facilities during that time. They were also on the Board when the excellent settlement was reached with the utilities board to receive enough money to close the fields behind Lazar and build new ones at the high school. They have governed during years of great stability, i.e., far less superintendent and administrator turnover than before. The list goes on and on and is not always obvious in the “rankings” we see publicized. Those running against them have not responded to requests for a public debate by League of Women Voters (claiming they have partisan leanings that I believe to be unfounded). That says alot. Please lets not make this election a one-issue election – i.e., the masks. Our district is so much more than that and our children and tax payers deserve better. Proud to support Karen, Dave, and Charlie and I hope you will too.”